About the Handyman

I have always enjoyed solving problems and building things, ever since I was a child in Vermont.  I pursued a degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering as part of my desire to use my problem solving skills in a practical way. After finishing my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame in 2013, I bought a house and have been working for an engineering research firm ever since.


Although I still work part time as an engineer, my real passion is to help others in a more direct way, and, in the process, help fix up the South bend community..  One of the first things I did after becoming a homeowner was to start acquiring tools and building furniture, cabinets, sheds, play sets, and remodeling parts of my house.  The more projects I’ve done, the more I’ve wanted to do, until I finally decided to give in to the urge to share my skills with others.  

About the Handyman: Jack is a father of three and loves horsing around with his kiddos!

Why should you choose the Goetz Family Handyman?

Do you have projects around the home that just never seem to get done?  Are you frustrated by other handymen not being up front about their rates?  Are you just having troubles finding somebody who is reliable and punctual? Someone you can trust to be working in your house, even if you can’t be there?

My goal is to provide you relief from the stress of home maintenance, save you time, and build a long term, trusting relationship with you.  Although hiring a handyman can seem intimidating, my goal is to make it easy, stress-free, and good-valued.  If you decide to choose to employ me you can be assured that I deliver my service with these principals:

  • I am punctual and accurate and won’t give you enormous time frames to wait for me. In cases where I am unavoidably delayed I will call ahead and reschedule if you cannot accommodate the delay.
  • I will treat your home and belongings with the utmost care and respect.  My goal is to leave your home in better condition than I found it.
  • I guarantee the quality of all my work.
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